• Self Worth

    I am a little shy and reserve,

    But I know that I am worthy,

    Of everything that I deserve.

    I am an artist with unique character,

    I know I am going to grow,

    In my choosen sector.

    Bless me folks,

    There are emotions inside of me,

    Which are always ready to evoke.

    Writing gives me the freedom to think,

    It is the creative thinking getting poured,

    In the form of ink.

    Thank you for the readers,

    Who makes writers feel worthy and valued,

    Let’s build the community,

    Where writers and readers get salute.

  • Architecture

    It is a profession which wanders in nature as well as technology.Architect people are fine observers of surroundings.They think about every details and try to solve problems arround them.Making a world better place needs the gut while surviving in this world.Architects are hard working species which never ever get tired doing corrections,actually they get but that is not an option for them until they find exact solution for the problem.Many says architecture field is for rich people and all architects are rich. It is depend on one’s capability.If a student has grind himself or herself in college years and has practiced under prestigious architecture firm there is a possibility of huge success in the field.People who own the firm earn higher than who work under others.But having own firm is the biggest responsiblity to carry.But with experiance and guts it is possible.You are the boss of your own firms that means you decide your firm structure.You need to be self desciplined.You need to have excellant social skills.Guts to communicate with legal authorities, vendors,labours,contractors and clients.You need technical and local vocabulary to deal with those people.It’s challenging job to take on.You need to be a team player.You need to have good co-ordination and leadership qualities.They are not there within you sometimes,but you can develop it if you are really passionate about the field.You will always need to go on sites.People who like outdoors will truly love this field.It is very consuming field mentally,physically and emotionally.You will have to work like a an artist and technical nerd at the same time.This field is not for everyone,but it impacts everybody in society.There will be hardships but at the end of the day you will be satisfied after seeing your design taking shape on earth.You will need to learn lot of softwares,so be prepared with your computer knowledge.Try to be efficient in it.Get good graphic card laptops/ gaming laptops are the best.Good luck who want to join this field.

  • Courage

    What makes a person courageous, if a person was fearful, doubtful and clueless before, but now that same person is progressing, trying to achieve something even there are risks and doubts.Isn’t it being courageous.Where that person found the courage?It might be family, loved ones , it is for the supporting people , who have been there when that person was not in his/her conscience.Those people protected and kept that person stable.It is the time, that person should give back to those people.Or there precious efforts will be wasted.That person need to stand by them whenever they feel miserable or unstable.That person need to be courageous for those people.

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  • Public transport

    How many of you are from India.We all have experienced the rush in the buses,rickshaws, taxis and local trains.Have you enjoyed adjusting your bodies like luggage bags, the auto driver says “Madam adjust kralo na thoda.”It seems like one will fall off from auto when doors will open!!It’s kind of frustrating and funny to see all the adjustments going on…

  • https://embodimentdotin.wordpress.com/2022/05/11/isoulwriter/

  • iSoulWriter


    Hi friends,how you all doing in this amazing world and offcourse revolving earth?

    You know what we all try to balance out our every day life effortlessly. We always take a sip of tea or cofee and say to our soul “Bring it On”.What we all do with our free time? Some might say TV, ‘Netflix and chill’,amazon prime,youtube,sports,talking with close friends,roaming in the city.If you are reading this then offcourse you enjoy your free time by reading.What kind of reader you are? Do you love to read novels,short stories,articles,news papers or celebraty gossips,they are fun sometimes though.Some will say people with low IQ read celebraty gossips,but what if people love movies and they like to know more about their favourite celebraty,actually internet is so fast connecting technology where we can get information about anything on our fingertips.It can be both productive and destructive.I am writing this blog ,sitting in the comfort of my place and reaching out to you all, we would have called it a magic if it was before internet era.Some would have called the internet as science fiction.For creative professionals this internet serve as heaven.They got a plattform to showcase their creativity and getting appriciation as well as money out of their talent.Let me tell you the fun thing we avid readers are mostly less talkative people,because we spend more time in reading or watching movie based on our favourite novel,just my little assumption.Please don’t start calling people dumb if they don’t like to read ,some people learn through practical experiance of life.But ,reading is also a skill which you should have to have that vast vocabulary to express your thoughts in more articulate way.If you want to get more expressive in very professional manner you should read.Our academic books are okay but for public speaking and for group discussion you need to have that wide spectrum of thoughts which you will get from books out of your academic syllabus.

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